The Yoga House – Mumbai & Varanasi

Tucked into the cozy lanes of Bandra’s Carter Road, is where I found The Yoga House. It is set in a Portuguese-style bungalow which is the typical architecture found in old Bandra. Several such villas have now been converted into theme-based restaurants and coffee-shops.

The Yoga House is however, a bit different. As the name suggests, it’s theme is Yoga and regular yoga and meditation classes are being held in the premise by experts and specialists. They also organize 3-4 day spiritual, healing and wellness retreats for those interested in slightly intense and longer programs.

I simply love how this classic structure has been done up in green and white to house a cozy restaurant that serves satvic / healthy vegetarian delicacies along with daily sessions on yoga, healing and meditation. The restaurant menu is interesting to say the least, and at fairly affordable prices.

As soon as we entered the building through the small and almost invisible doorway, we passed by the area where the yoga classes are held. Since we didn’t want to disturb them, we quickly climbed up the winding stairway to arrive at the restaurant and were quite taken away with the warm colors and layout of the eatery. With plants everywhere, cozy floor seating, a small library full of books on yoga and mindfulness, I felt as though I was home. The restaurant’s seating was such that diners weren’t seated too close to each other and had a certain amount of peace to eat. My niece browsed the library, and was not amused by the abundance of health books and the lack of fiction, while we waited for our food to arrive.

We had their Summer salad, the cottage-cheese burger, Raw vegetable salad served with dips, the Yogic tea (a specialty), a Latte (with jaggery instead of sugar) and a healthy juice. We ended our meal with a slice of their egg-less carrot cake. Everything we ate was light and freshly prepared. There were no traces of oil and even though the food was quite filling, we didn’t feel overly stuffed.

While I have yet to experience their yoga sessions, I’m quite impressed with the theme of The Yoga House and what it represents. For me it represents holistic wellness, all under one roof.

A word of caution – find parking anywhere is Bandra is a painful affair. I suggest you use public transport to get there, else you’ll end up having to walk a fair bit to and fro your car.

The Yoga House has a branch in Varanasi with a similar theme. It is located 200 meters from the Ganga and operates in an ashram-style set-up. Whether you live in Varanasi or are traveling there, you can enjoy their healthy and hygienic food and experience spirituality through their yoga classes.


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