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I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Sujata Singhi during a sound healing session we organized for our staff in GroupM India. The session was beautiful. We signed up for monthly sound healing sessions with her for our employees. GroupM is extremely  focused on employee wellness and we decided to add this to our wellness strategy.

While conversing with her on the subject, I understood the many benefits of sound healing and the fact that it is used to heal many minor and chronic illnesses. I was lucky to receive a copy of her book on sound healing titled Power of Sound (that she’s holding in the adjacent image). In fact, I was so enamored that I decided to attend the next Sound Healing course organized by Dr. Singhi in Mumbai scheduled on September 1st. 

I thought this would be a great opportunity to get you readers to e-meet Dr. Singhi and understand more about sound healing from the expert. Here’s the interview.

Hello Dr. Singhi. Thank you for interviewing with us at OmYogaSutra.

Q. Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am an Author, Educationist, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Licensed NLP trainer (Richard Bandler) and Experiential Trainer on leadership, team work, appraisal systems and sales explosion. I’m also a spiritual coach, master trainer of sound healing and advanced shamanic practices. I’m honored with a doctorate (recognized by the United Nations and Government of India) in Life Skill Education with Specialization in NLP and Sound Bowl therapy.

Q. How did you get in to Sound Healing? Please share your journey.

My journey with sound began from the time I was born. I belong to a family that is passionate about music. My mother, who is a clairvoyant, used to tell me about the power of each raga (tune) and how people would get healed in ancient times. Especially the ones about the physical manifestation of rain and fire when specific tunes were sung. With such a childhood and upbringing, my beliefs in the divine were seeded and nurtured well.

Many years after going through a near death experience, I got curious about healing and how it works. It all began in 1997 when the whole family decided to learn Reiki. I’ve learnt various healing techniques from teachers in India and abroad, but the one that resonated the most was the Himalayan Singing Bowls. This curiosity led me to Kathmandu, Nepal where I underwent an intense 7 day training on the Himalayan Sound Bowls from the Guru of the Newari tribe who initiated sound bowl therapy and its associated knowledge to his disciple in the Swayabhu Temple near Kathmandu.

The training was rigorous but insightful. Once it was completed, technical and other aspects, I was initiated by the Head Guru and with his blessings I began sharing my knowledge and skills and started conducting sessions and miraculous healing began.

Q. What is sound healing? How does it work?

All things, living and non-living have frequencies at which they vibrate. Some can be sensed or seen while others vibrate at very low frequencies and often go unnoticed. Sound is the force of creation and everything owes its existence solely to sound. Sound is the factor that holds it together and is the life creator as proven in the Big Bang theory.

Sound is energy and it nourishes the birth and existence of life. We are all sound as we too vibrate at certain frequencies. The heartbeat that proves if a person is alive or not is sound. All civilizations have music (sound) – from jungle dwellers to the most civilized. All religions have an application of sound in the form of mantras, chanting, musical instruments, choirs because it connects one to the divine energy with music being the medium. It helps one to heal at the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

Sound is the best form of energy which can detoxify one at the cellular level and enables one to vibrate at the frequency of good health by activating the DNA and aligning one to the divine blueprint of good health. It is a very effective and effortless form of healing.

Sound is vibrational energy that travels in and around our bodies and in the process all the cells in our body are ever vibrating.

Q. How are chakras and sound healing connected?

Chakras are the energy centers in the subtle body. Each Chakra is connected to a particular set of glands of the endocrine system & also to the important body organs associated with it.

There are 7 main chakras in the spinal column of the human body. Each chakra has a particular frequency at which it vibrates. When they’re in harmony, a music ‘symphony’ of good health is created, but when they’re out of tune, diseases occur.

With the innate sound of the void, the universal sound of ‘AUM’ at different frequencies and notations specific to the chakras, the Himalayan Singing Bowls help to release the blocked energies from the chakras and tune them back to the universal frequencies. This release and re-tuning brings about deep healing at the energy levels of every cell in the body which eventually enables healing.

In my book “Power of Sound”, you will find a complete table of diseases and chakras associated to those diseases. This enables the healer to focus on the specific chakra which the patient is complaining about.

Q. How can I benefit from sound therapy?

At the core of all diseases is a misalignment of energies. Our cells, muscles and organs store blocked energy from past and present misalignment, which manifests as dis-ease or disease. Vibrational sound that directly accesses the cellular memory releases blocked energy and brings it back into alignment.

It is believed that the Himalayan singing bowls can reduce stress, improve the immune system, lower heart rate and blood pressure, harmonize the cells, and balance the body’s energy system.

Q. How is Sound Healing delivered?

Both the healer and the patient have to be comfortably positioned. The bowls are laid out in front of the healer. They come in multiple sizes – from small size to big. The healer keeps striking at the rim with a felt mallet and the sound is created.

Q. What is the best time to undergo a sound healing session?

Preferably after a shower as sound vibrations continue to resonate in the body for over 20-22 hours and once water flows on the body, the resonation stops.

Q. Are there any side effects of using the frequencies?

There are absolutely no side effects with regards to usage of sound bowl therapy on any human, animal or plant. However, this claim is only when sound therapy is practiced as per the techniques and protocols taught and not otherwise.

Sound bowl therapy is a scientifically proven healing modality which has been tested both by Asians and westerners. Much research has been conducted on the same and can be used along with any other healing modality and modern medicine.

Q. Can a pregnant woman listen to these sounds?

Yes. It is highly beneficial. The sound waves help the mother and the feotus relax which is crucial for smooth and happy growth of the child and joyous delivery.

Q. Is sound healing used in mainstream medicine?
Sound healing has gone mainstream and is now being used alongside modern treatments. Modern science is bearing testimony to the benefits of therapeutic sound.

Q. Can I heal myself using the singing bowls?


Q. What is your advice to anyone who may be interested in sound healing?

Learn this highly effective modality in its pure and simplest form and see yourself transform your and lives of others. Experiencing it says it all. The key is to learn it in the right way and get initiated at each stage. This opens up the channels and enhances the healing abilities of the healer.

Q. Can one come to you for a sound healing session?

Yes. Only condition is prior booking. Regular Sound healing and meditation sessions are conducted for corporates, educational institutions, wellness and health clubs, conferences, hospitals. In fact, every person from all walks of life should tune in to the universal sounds to align the body-mind-sound to have a successful and joyous living.

Q. Can one learn sound healing from you?

Yes. I conduct sound healing workshops pan India and abroad regularly. Next upcoming workshops are scheduled in:
Mumbai: 1-3 September.
Chennai: 11-13 September.
October and November: Mumbai advanced Sound bowl courses and Shamanism.
Malaysia and Singapore: 1st week of December.

Q. If my readers want to get in touch with you, how do they do that?

Kindly connect to me on: 9820649229. My email id is: Suja.69@hotmail.com . You can also visit my website www.sujatasinghi.com for more information.

Thank you for your valuable inputs Dr. Singhi.


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