Forgive and Be Free


Many of us are carrying so much pain and anger within us. It could be due to a bad childhood, painful relationships, growing up in poverty, etc. We may not realize it but the impact of these experiences stays with us even when we’ve seemingly moved on in life. They lie in our subconscious mind and manifest themselves in the form of trust issues, commitment phobia, ability to sustain anything for long periods of time, loss of faith in relationships, and so on. They subtly influence every choice we make in life. In most cases the anger is directed towards someone we believe is responsible for all that has gone wrong with us.

What we don’t realize is that slowly we become a slave to these hidden influences which may be holding us back from realizing our full potential and experiencing life to its optimum, thus forcing us to lead an extremely unfulfilled and dissatisfied life.

According to Hindu scriptures, we’re allowed to be born in the human form only after we’ve lived as other living forms for 84,00,00,000 lives. That’s too many lives, isn’t it? We get one opportunity after 8.4 billion opportunities to come back in the human form and what do we do? Let me answer that for you. We spend our entire life feeling unfulfilled, deprived of happiness and holding on to grudges. If you believe this, would you live your life differently? Would you love more often or forgive easily or treat yourself better?

As I write this I remember these famous words “Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace”. 

I believe that you benefit immensely when you choose to forgive and move on. It allows you to free up your blocked energies from limiting beliefs and attitudes so that you can channelize them towards creating a better life for you. The simple act of letting go and forgiving will release the resentment, anger, pain and suffering that has entrapped you for so long stopping you from moving forward.


Forgiving can be very liberating and once you’ve experienced the benefits, you will not waste a single moment of your life mulling over things that didn’t go your way or people who caused you pain. As you start to do that you’ll notice miraculous things happening in all areas of your life. And that happens because you’ve opened up your mind for better and positive things to replace the negative and limiting emotions that once ruled you.

You’re probably thinking – this is easier said than done. And you’re right too. It’s never easy. We’re conditioned to get attached, even to bad things. Maybe that’s why people choose to stay in jobs they don’t enjoy or in relationships that are emotionally draining, for way too long.

The beautiful thing about humans is that anger or hate is not our natural state of being. Love and happiness is. And when you decide that you no longer want to suffer, instead you choose to be happy, there will be a sudden shift in your mind. You will know then that it’s time to drop the negative emotions and start making those positive changes in life. You will muster up the courage to ‘let go’ and it does take a lot of courage and mental strength to forgive others. More so yourself.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”


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