Yoga – A Holistic Healing System

  Most blogs write about the physiological benefits of yoga. And believe you me there are immense. If you have been practicing yoga for even a few months, you already know what I am talking about. In this note, however,

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Sooner the better…Get your kids on the Mat

    Sooner the better… As I progressed with my yoga practices many years ago, I remember telling my teacher that yoga should be taught to kids in school. They would just grow up be better adults. I said that

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Best Time To Do Yoga Practices

Experts recommend that early morning before sunrise is the best time of the dat for yoga practices. Personally I have found that mornings after you have emptied your bowels and before eating breakfast, is the best time to do yoga

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Detox with Yoga

Festive seasons are all about overindulgence. And if you did just that during festive season, then you have probably gorged on the richly prepared savouries, deep fried snacks, sweetened cold drinks and all other Diwali favourites.  Having allowed yourself this

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Meditate on Full Moon Day


Learn to Meditate (Anuloma-Viloma & Prana-Shuddhi)

The aim of meditation is to direct our normally extroverted awareness in to the domains of the mind. Meditational techniques allow one to dive in to the inner depths of the mind. The more one cleans out the personal lower

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