Book Review “The School of Greatness” – Lewis Howes


In his book, Lewis Howes shares some amazing tips and habits that he gathered during his interviews with some very successful and famous people through a series of podcasts. He presents some useful tools and techniques in a structured way that you can use to achieve greatness in your own life.

Lewis has interviewed people like the Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson, Pencils of Promise CEO Adam Braun, Kyle Maynard, who played football in school winning 36 wrestling matches in high school, and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in his 20’s, despite being a congenital amputee and Deckers Shoes CEO Angel Martinez. His interviews focused on understanding what makes all of the successful people “great”. He has imbibed all of his learnings in his life and believes they helped him get where he is now.

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Lewis’ own turn-around story will leave you inspired and motivated. He had to quit playing professional football due to an injury that left him jobless and feeling directionless. Since he was kid, he had only dreamed of playing football. The injury was a major setback in his life and for a long time he didn’t know where life was going.

He then decided to get his life in order and started looking for inspiration and mentors. He not only bounced back but now runs a multimillion-dollar online business and is a sought-after business coach, speaker, and podcast host.

The biggest learning and message in his book is that it is not by sheer luck that some people achieve greatness and become successful. It is about discipline, about focus and about developing strong habits and doing them repeatedly until you achieve your goals.

His 8 principles of greatness include creating a vision, turning adversity into advantage, cultivating a championship mindset, developing hustle, mastering your body, practicing positive habits, building a winning team and being of service to others.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a bit of inspiration in life. I need doses of it on a regular basis and find that books such as these really help me recharge and get back in to my element whenever I’m feeling out of it.


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