Book Review – Spiritual Cross Training, Benjamin Shalva


Spiritual Cross Training – This book spoke to me. It’s everything I’ve felt all these years while searching for meaning in life. I’m still searching, by the way:-)

Benjamin (Ben) Shalva’s journey is so similar to  mine, its almost unvelieable. I’m not a Rabbi or a Priest. However, in his quest for spiritual growth, the three paths that he chooses – Silence (Meditation), Stretch (Yoga) and Song (Music/Art) are in my mind the perfect ways to connect with your inner self and the outer universe.

Born in to a Jewish family, raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he left home to study Zen Buddhist meditation in Tibet at the age of 18, trained in Bikram Yoga eventually becoming a Hatha Yoga instructor and receiving his rabbinical ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. In his spiritual quest, Benjamin has dabbled and experimented with several belief systems and methods until he found his true calling.

I love how candid and open he is about his experiences. You can see that it wasn’t an easy journey. The truth is it never is. One moment you believe you’ve discovered the truth, found the answers, and suddenly you realize you did it all wrong because you don’t feel that good. And that is really how the journey to self-discovery is. No one ever got it right the first time. You try, you fail, you try something else and make some progress, then you fail again and it goes on. Until one day you let go. And it comes to you.

He discovers that letting go is the most difficult part of this journey. Letting go of inhibitions, ambitions, beliefs…

He discovers that there is no rule book and that introspection and inward reflection will guide you to your chosen path.

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