Book Review – Krishna-The God Who Lived As Man, Bhawana Somaaya



This beautiful rendition by Bhawana Somaaya has filled my heart with new found love and affection for Krishna. This is the first book I’ve read that analyses his emotions and his relationships with some of the most important women in his life – Rukmini – his ardhaangini, Draupadi – his sakhi, Satyabhama – his young-playful wife and Radha – his soul-mate. I always see Krishna as the one who surpasses human emotions, the wise one, the all-knowing. Through this book I feel like I understand that even though he was Vishnu-incarnate, he appeared in a human form and experienced all the emotions that humans do – love, grief. attachment, pain and anger. The fact that he choses to follow his destiny when he leaves Gokul – leaving his parents, friends and Radha, never looking back, is when his real journey begins as the Krishna that we all know.

“You will die like a beast, alone and in anguish!” Mata Gandhari had cursed Krishna when he had gone to meet her after the battle of Kurukshetra.

Krishna reminisces on this sitting beneath the peepal tree. He is in deep pain and knows that his journey has come to an end. He had seen this coming and was prepared for it. His foot has been pierced with an arrow and he is bleeding profusely. He remembers Durvasa’s curse that one by one everyone from his clan will be killed, along with him.

It’s at this time that he remembers the four amazing women who loved and revered him. He recollects how bereaved Radha was when he informed her that he was leaving Gokul, his intellectual conversations with his sakhi – Draupadi, the dedication and commitment of his Queen – Rukmini and passionate love of his young queen Satyabhama.

Krishna was aware of Rukmini’s constant yearning for him. He was also aware that secretly Draupadi wanted Krishna to win her in the Swayamwar. He understood Radha’s pain when he left Gokul to never return. He also knew how passionately Satyabhama desired him. There were so many questions unanswered between them.

It was these questions that were holding back Krishna from embarking upon his final journey. Because he lingers in their memories and thought, he is unable to free himself and move on. One-by-one, as Krishna solves their dilemma, the women free him from their bonds of attachment and finally Krishna is able to move on. He folds his hands, takes a deep breath and smiles for the last time.

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