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Dear friends, welcome to my page on healthy living.

Yoga is today universally accepted as a science of right living. Ironically, despite it’s Indian origin, it is practiced more in the west and rest of the world than in India. Of course this is gradually changing and more people are accepting it as a wholistic approach to health that impacts all aspects of a person: physical, vital, pranic, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual.

My experiment with yoga started ten years ago. I have always been a fitness freak having experimented with various forms of exercises like lawn tennis, gym routines, evening walks, cycling and what not. I thoroughly enjoyed learning all of these and they helped me stay fit. But as I progressed in my profession the added hectic work schedules, left me little time or energy to attempt any of these exercises as they were physically too taxing and more importantly weren’t as fulfilling.

My 10 year yoga journey has been an enriching one. With regular practice and study I have experienced all that yoga has to offer and how it can positively influence one’s life. Not only do I feel physically fit but am more relaxed and much calmer. I have never felt or looked better. From practicing yoga I have moved to living yoga. It has got incorporated in every aspect of my life from breathing right to eating and thinking right. Yoga completes you in totality!

Through this blog my attempt is to share knowledge that I am picking up every day through my own experiences and those of others. In addition to the experiences, I will be sharing tips on better living, nutrition, yoga practices, positive thinking, books to read, proverbs, yoga events and more.

I hope you find my blogs informative and interesting. Please feel free to leave your feedback and comments. I’d be happy to hear from you.