About Vandana Tilwani

vandana My name is Vandana Tilwani and I am a Mumbai (India) based yoga enthusiast and wellness & fitness freak.

Yoga is an integral part of my wellness mantra. I trained under my yoga teacher for three and a half years who introduced me to concepts like chidakasha dharana (observing thoughts without judgment/attachment), yoga-nidra (lucid sleep/relaxation while maintaining full consciousness), and positive visualization along with other hatha yoga practices.

My journey with mindfulness began ten years ago when I started to train in yoga. It has been a fascinating journey to say the least – a journey to self-discovery. It has been about cleaning the mind of its accumulated inner turmoil and being in a continuous state of meditation where there are no feelings of stress, anger, disappointment and egocentric drives. It has been about seeing oneness and unity instead of individuality and separateness. My external events remain unchanged, but my relationship to them is totally different. It is about living in the eternal now with complete absorption.

I believe each one of us is a unit consisting of body, mind and consciousness. An integral approach is essential to help gain maximum happiness and fulfillment in life. I also believe that having a positive attitude is the only way to a better life and dissatisfaction is a blessing in disguise. It forces us out of our habituated routines and incentivizes us to make changes in life.

My passion for people led me to the Talent function. I’ve been in this field for 18 years in industries media & entertainment, publishing, hospitality and BPO/KPO industries in areas like Organization Development (OD), Talent Engagement & Development (TED), Talent Acquisition (TA) and Performance Management (PMS).

In my current role I lead a talented team of 12 HR professionals to drive the TA, PMS and Talent Engagement initiatives for GroupM India. I enjoy what I do and take a lot of pride in being able to make a difference.

I am a certified Brain Based Coach from the prestigious Neuroleadership Institute.

I am also in trained Nutritionist & Diet Planning and Naturopathy from Tulip International.

I recently completed the Basic Pranic Healing course from the Pranic Healing Foundation.

Through my years in the Human Resource field working with people coupled with my training as a Coach and my personal mindfulness practices, I help people bring about changes in their lives by facilitating positive thinking and maximizing their professional effectiveness and growth, help them reconnect with and truly leverage their strengths, be more aware of their impact on others, make conscious choices, and set and actively pursue ambitious goals.

LinkedIn https://in.linkedin.com/pub/vandana-tilwani/5/a06/708

Instagram  https://instagram.com/tilwani_vandana/

Twitter  https://twitter.com/vandanatilwani

Wellness Facebook Page https://goo.gl/vwk7kM

For more information please connect with me on omyogasutra@yahoo.in

I am a believer in the power of positive thinking and our ability to shape our own lives. I am writing this blog with the intent of sharing insights and information for all the yogis and yoginis aspiring towards a healthy and blissful living.

I hope you find my blogs interesting. Please feel free to leave your feedback and comments. I’d be happy to hear from you.



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